New iPhone QUENTIQ Tracker app v1.3

The latest QUENTIQ Tracker app is now available for your iPhone with several new features and improvements! Among other things the QUENTIQ Tracker now fully supports the new 1 cm taller iPhone 5 screen and as well iOS 6.0! Download it for free from the App Store!

Tracker for iPhone 5 version 1.5

Changes with App version 1.3

  • Added manual entry option additional to the workout tracking
  • Added link to QUENTIQ Mobile site ->
  • Updated Health Score User Interface
  • Updated UI style
  • Synchronize with server at end of workout
  • Added speed limit on walking and running
  • Support larger iPhone 5 screen, and iOS 6.0
  • Disable auto-pause functionality on older devices than iPhone 4S

More QUENTIQ iPhone Tracker App Screenshots:

Tracker manual entry screen Tracker settings auto pause screen Tracker workout map screen QUENTIQ Health Score view screen Tracker workout overview screen Tracker single walking workout view


Supported devices
The QUENTIQ Tracker app for iPhone supports:

  • Wahoo  (Heart Rate Receiver, via ANT+ and Bluetooth LE)
  • Wahoo Blue HR (We are still working on this one)
  • 60 Beat (Heart Rate Receiver) heart rate monitor
  • Polar
  • GPX export over the QUENTIQ platform


App Store download link – free: QUENTIQ Tracker iPhone App

QUENTIQ Tracker for smartphone
Track your activities with one of the several available QUENTIQ Tracker apps which are available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. This Tracker app allows you to accurately track your outdoor (GPS enabled) and indoor fitness activities. The so gathered information will be securely uploaded over a internet connection and saved into the QUENTIQ platform –


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